Let us whisk you away on a journey to Naples. You’ll only be gone for 3 hours, but it’ll feel like a lifetime. You’ll be flooded with aromas of melting, bubbling cheese, of dough rising in the oven; overwhelmed with a busy, bustling, heart-warming atmosphere, as the loud chatter of locals dances around the candlelight. And then, that familiar sound, the cork popping. Your rich chianti is poured.

Even though we’ve done our best, there are some things that are almost impossible to do justice to with mere words. Italian cuisine is one of those things. Crunchy, creamy arancini. Tagliatelle, garlic, prawns, chilli. Authentic pasta dishes. Genuine Italian pizza. Fresh handmade spaghetti, this morning’s ragu. Pitch-perfect risotto with chicken and mushroom. Mama’s lasagna. Ooooooh Mama’s lasagna.

But maybe the part of Italian cuisine that is hardest to pin down is the “non so che”. The French would call it “je ne sais quoi”, in English, maybe it’s “a certain something”. Because Italian cuisine is not just about mouth-watering meals and flawless soul food. It’s about the whole experience. Unforgettable experiences with old friends. The warm glow of the restaurant, the handsome waiter with his easy charm, the shouting match between the chefs. That’s the “non so che”.

At Il Tempo we take you on a journey to Italy. We find the “non so che” and transport you to the motherland of Italian cuisine and back in a night. The conversation that flows as effortlessly as the wine. The genuine Italian pizza. The loud, passionate, loving service we just can’t help giving. We’re proud Italians and we’re absolutely dedicated to making authentic Italian cuisine so perfect it takes you on that wonderful journey.

And even though our menu shows off our love for our Italian roots and traditions, we’ve added a subtle sprinkling of modern dishes to keep things fresh for everyone one. So, alongside our authentic and genuine Italian pizza and pasta dishes, we’ve thrown in the likes of our sumptuous fresh beetroot and feta risotto, and our lamb and tzatziki stone baked pizza. Delizioso! On top of that we’ve got super-fresh local seafood, like our crispy skin barramundi, and timeless Aussie classics, like our chicken parmigiana.

So why not pop in to Il Tempo and let us take care of the rest. We’ve got bruschetta, arancini and meatballs to die for. Our salmon and lamb salads will make you question everything you thought you knew about salads. And our genuine Italian pizza? Well, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Sounds tempting, right? So come on down to Degraves St, say “ciao”, and go on a culinary journey you’ll never forget with Il Tempo.

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