As part of our mission to bring true Italian culture and cuisine to Melbourne, we keep pushing ourselves to better our menu.With this goal in mind, we’ve had added modern and bold vegetarian and vegan dishes. Our veggie pizza is always a hit. It combines our secret recipe tomato sauce with the finest vegetables on the market – zucchini, capsicum, mushrooms and olives. Topping it off is a generous drizzle of garlic oil.

We have also introduced the wonderfully scrumptious gnocchi with pumpkin and feta. It takes our handmade potato gnocchi, adds juicy, flavourful pumpkin and finishes off it with fresh feta, leaving you with a simply mouthwatering vegetarian dish.

And finally, a treat for those veggies who would like to sample one of our marvellous signature dishes: beetroot and feta risotto! This dish’s beauty is found in its simplicity. It adheres to the maxim of less is more, taking advantage of its ingredients’ world class flavours to take you on a true culinary ride

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