Can you think of anywhere better between the two poles to sit and watch the world go by than Degraves Street? Nope, neither can we! Sit for five minutes and you’ll see gaggles of cooing tourists, stern-faced businessmen looking ready to conquer the world, and grinning, guitar wielding hippies. And at night the thoroughfare comes alive: there’s hustle and bustle and lads and lasses heading out for drinking and dancing.

But Degraves Street has a story that goes fay beyond that. Named in the mid-19th century after the brothers and prosperous merchants, Charles and William Degraves, it originally stood next to their steam-driven flour mill. With its city centre location, it has always been chaotic, with a hint of crazy. Fast forward to the mid-1950s and you would witness the iconic underpass being constructed to allow workers to safely move between Flinders Street Station and Degraves Street. 

Today the underpass boasts striking black marble columns and an array of artwork produced by local and emerging artists. And that’s not the only artwork you’ll find on Degraves – back above ground and in between the cafes, buskers and boutiques, you’ll spot heaps of eye-catching street art! Wander further and maybe you’ll see a whirl of activity from a warm Italian restaurant, look closer and you may notice it’s Il Tempo, proudly beaming from our spot on Degraves Street!

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